Capital One

360 Performance Savings Bonus | Capital One 822

Earn up to $1500 bonus when you open a 360 Performance Savings account with promo code FALL23. See full details.

Account Interest Rate 4.30% APY
Can someone do the math to calculate effective interest rate for 105 days? I no do math gud.


  • $300 bonus when you deposit $20,000+
  • $750 bonus when you deposit $50,000+
  • $1,500 bonus when you deposit $100,000+

一年一度的活动回来了,这次bonus 多了 50%. 记得要在开户15天内从别的银行转100k进来.
之前DP好像是10月存钱 明年 2-3月拿到bonus

C1 名声比较差

  • Offer available nationwide.
  • If you have or had an open 360 Performance Savings, 360 Savings, 360 Money Market, Savings Now or Confidence Savings account as a primary or secondary account holder with Capital One on or after January 1, 2021, you will be ineligible for the bonus.
  • If your account is in default, closed or suspended, or otherwise not in good standing, you will not receive the bonus.